The former Manchester United player, Rio Ferdinand, reckons it’s because of the fact that Wayne Rooney started playing upfront again, the fortunes of the Red Devils turned around.

The previous United boss David Moyes had deployed Rooney in a deep position in the 2013-14 Season and Louis Van Gaal followed suit when he arrived this summer.

But, having seen Rooney struggling in the midfield, Van Gaal quickly realized it was not the best place for him and he got him back playing in the attacking role.

According to Ferdinand, that decision which Van Gaal made to give Rooney the striker’s position again, it was a fantastic decision and it did United a world of good.

However, Ferdinand did not give all the credit to Rooney only. He had words of praise for some of the other players of the team too especially the defenders.

He pointed out the return of Michael Carrick and also, other factors, but, he  emphasized the point that if Van Gaal had not changed the role of Rooney, the position of United in the Premier League table might not have been as good as it happens to be now.

United’s recent showing against the arch rivals Liverpool brought some of the old memories back for Ferdinand who also used to be a key part of Manchester United until the last season.

Speaking in a television programme, Ferdinand said, “For me the main thing has been Rooney back to the forefront again. It has made such a big difference you see. They are starting to play like the good, old days. The Liverpool win was just superb.”

“Michael Carrick too, the fact that he has come back and is playing some good Football, that has helped too, but, Rooney’s move has been the key thing really.”