Manchester United’s search for investors is likely to result in the club’s complete sale. Following the Premier League giant’s announcement that they were open to outside parties purchasing a stake or the entire team, there are early signs that the latter option is more appealing to those who have expressed an interest. The Glazer family, who own United Airlines, is still open to all possibilities. The cost of re-developing Old Trafford or building a new stadium, as well as the possibility of a significant upgrade to the training facility will be enormous for now.

Even though the sums involved do not appear to rule out new ownership, some have wondered if that is the case. The situation remains to be in its infancy even though the announcement was made in November. Access to the club’s finances has been granted to those who have expressed interest and signed confidentiality agreements. It is understood that the situation, which is being managed by the Raine Group, a US merchant bank, will progress to a more formal stage within the next three to four weeks.

However, it is possible to disclose that, despite an anticipated price of £6 billion to £8 billion, the rumors so far point to a full takeover of United rather than an investment in exchange for a stake. Fans of the club, who have long protested the Glazers’ controversial, debt-laden 18 years in power, will undoubtedly welcome this news. Another issue at play is the toxicity that is likely to persist if the Americans keep a controlling interest.

However, the club is looking for potential buyers and in the upcoming months might end up selling. Although, currently multiple buyers are looking for the club with many top businessmen also eyeing the opportunity to buy the club.