After what Wayne Rooney has put on show in Manchester United jersey so far this season, it’s high time to start debating if he still has got it in him or he is on his way downhill.

It’s not about numbers only. Numbers sometimes don’t show the real picture. But, those who have seen Rooney play closely throughout his career would know how smart he can be instinctively and how well he can combine his aggression with his skills. But, those qualities seem to have lost somewhere as the 29-year old, who is the captain of the England national team as well apart from his club, is only looking a shadow of the player that he was.

Yes, it must also be taken into account that the team that Manchester United had at the time of Sir Alex was a bit different. It had a lot of pace at the right and the left wing and also, in the front line and Rooney is one of those players who always require speedy men to have around. But, currently if you see, United does not quite have the same sort of speed and it’s something which is probably not letting Rooney flourish in the same way. United started off the season at the top of the UK sports betting indexes, but have now slid down to third-favourites for the Premier League.

However, all the blame can’t be put on Rooney’s support system. It’s his own game too which has taken a downward curve in the post Ferguson era and it must be admitted. Some people reckon Rooney should work a bit in the gym, he is getting a bit bigger in size, getting overweighed and that might not be helping his game.

Whatever it is, Rooney will have to clearly tell himself if United has to win the title again after a gap of 2 years, he will have to play better and lead from the front and thus, he needs to find his answers how he can get his game back on track .

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