Zlatan Ibrahimovic is considered to be one of the best forwards in the world which is an impressive accomplishment to reach considering that the Swedish player is 34 years old but he continues scoring goals at a consistent basis and his performances are top notch.

In 27 appearances, Ibrahimovic has scored 32 goals and this just shows the impact that the veteran attacker has made on his time despite being at an age which is considered to be old in the world of football.

The contract of Zlatan Ibrahimovic expires at the end of the season and the Swedish player is expected to leave PSG at that time but his future remains unclear as the player himself stated that its almost time to hang up his boots but considering that there are clubs that have been showing huge interest for him, there is a chance for him to continue performing.

Arsenal and Manchester United are the clubs in the Premier League that have been displaying interest in signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic and according to him, he has been receiving offers from a number of different clubs.

“I have had lots of offers from English clubs. I have won a lot of trophies but I still want to win a lot more. I want to do it wherever I can.” Ibrahimovic said.

The Swedish player did say that he could move to Manchester United but only if Louis van Gaal leaves Old Trafford and ever since then, rumors have emerged concerning the future of the Dutch coach. Louis van Gaal was already believed to be on his way out of Manchester United due to underwhelming performances from his squad.

If Manchester United is not able to secure a spot in the Champions League, there is a big chance that Louis van Gaal might be sacked and if this does happen then there is a bigger chance of seeing Ibrahimovic making a move to Old Trafford but only time will tell.