The Wigan athletic chairman Dave Whelan has said that Manchester United are looking to be at the forefront when it comes to the financial regulations that will be coming into effect in the Premier league shortly. The financial fair play regulations will not be coming into effect until the start of next season. These new regulations will still let the clubs to make losses each financial year, but they have to be drastically reduced in order to comply with the new regulations. Manchester city and Chelsea have been two clubs spending a lot of money.

The Wigan athletic chairman Dave Whelan has said that the Premier league club Manchester United will be at the forefront in order to help UEFA in the efforts to reduce the debts of the clubs. Dave Whelan has suggested that one of the main reasons for Manchester United keen on bringing down the debt levels within the clubs is due to the fear they have over the spending by Manchester city and Chelsea. The UEFA president has already said UEFA will be banning any clubs that spend beyond their means. Clubs are allowed to make only £ 8.8 million in losses in each financial year.

“This proposal has come from Manchester United. I think [Manchester] City haven shaken them up a little bit, but there should be some controls on spending. Some clubs are spending way more than they can afford and get into trouble – look at Portsmouth. The Premier League is so big and powerful and there is so much money around that the clubs try to chase it. Something has to be done so we will support these measures,” said the chairman of Wigan athletic, Dave Whelan. Manchester United started the defeat at the hands of Everton on the opening day of the season.

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