The 2013/14 Premier League kicks off on 17th August, so if you are intending to make the best of the betting opportunities it provides then some early planning is advisable.

A good way to start is to take an in-depth look at the odds that are currently on offer and try to find some value bets on unexpected results. For instance, although this year it is going to be a very different Manchester United, is it reasonable that the team is only the third favourite to win the Premiership? If you shop around you can finds odds as long as 5/2 on them winning it, which even in the current circumstances seem to be favourable.

Which Chelsea is the favourite with odds of around 2/1, perhaps you might find some exciting odds if you are willing to drill down a little further. No self respecting Spurs fan will have failed to bet on their club winning the premiership especially given that you can find odds as long as 40/1.

Liverpool is priced at 38/1; Arsenal at 10/1 and Everton at a massive 500/1; and if you are really looking for a flyer than why not back Newcastle at 1,250/1? Now that would be a dream, but what a nightmare it would be if you missed out on a once in a lifetime chance to become rich? Betting at those odds is a little like playing at an online casino.

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