Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola, who is preparing his team to take on Manchester United, has refused to criticise the duo of Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes for the troubles faced by the Premier league outfit this campaign. Manchester United have lost the invincible aura that they have had some last two decades. This was primarily developed by Ferguson, who led the club to an incredible 35 trophies during his time at the club. Since the arrival of Moyes in the summer, United have been a constant decline.

They have slipped to seventh place in the table and on course to missing out on Champions League as result of it. United and Bayern Munich have faced each other on a number of occasions, but both teams have almost an identical record in the Champions League. Guardiola was mentioned as one of the potential successors to Ferguson, but the club decided to go for the inexperienced Scot after the advice from Ferguson himself. It has so far proven to be a disastrous appointment by the club, as Moyes has struggled to cope with the enormity of the job at hand.

Guardiola, meanwhile, has taken Bayern Munich from strength to strength and the recently said the league title with a record seven matches remaining.

“Sometimes many, many things happen that are difficult to understand. I don’t know how Sir Alex Ferguson can have a bad influence on this club. I think it’s completely the opposite. This club was the best club in England thanks to him. He re-organised the club and put the club on another level in this country. It’s good for the Champions League next season. But I am pretty sure Alex Ferguson was the most important person in this club’s history, at least in the last half-century,” said Guardiola.

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