Electronics giants Panasonic Corp. will be the official suppliers of the audio visual communications system including the giant screens and monitors to be placed inside the stadium for one venue at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Curitiba.

The project is estimated to be worth around $ 3 million and it will see Panasonic become the major hitter of the venue which is still to be completed.

The Asian electronic giants will begin the process of installation of the complete audio visual system in the stadium when the construction work is expected to be completed and is expected to be completed before the end of December. The stadium, which can hold an estimated 43,000 fans, will become one of the most technologically enhanced stadiums during next summer’s football festival.

And although the consumer electronics giants has previous experience of supplying individual equipment at different stadiums in past events of the World Cup, this is the first time that the company has managed to bag an entire package deal at any World Cup stadium. According to an insider for the company, if they would have had to provide individual equipment for different stadiums next summer, then there would have been immense competition and that is something they did not want.

Moreover, the company is keen to expand its business in South American countries and plans to offer advanced technology to achieve that goal. The company also has plans to win more contracts for next summer’s FIFA World Cup and has already targeted six more stadiums for the purpose and these deals could individually be worth as much as $ 8 million.

The company also plans to promote the technological advancements is has made ahead of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro which will kick off in 2016 and is the country’s biggest event in history.

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