The Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand’s contract with the club comes to an end in less than six months, but the manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said that he is not worried about the future of the defender because he believes that he will stay at Old Trafford. Ferdinand can now negotiate a new deal with other clubs from Europe, while he will be able to sign on a free transfer for any club – including those in the United Kingdom – from June 1st. Hence, there is an urgency to the United supporters in order to secure the future of the 34-year-old.

Ferguson has said that he does not think Ferdinand wants to leave Old Trafford. Hence, he will be offered new deal with the club later this year, which is the reason for him not panicking over the situation. Ferdinand has been one of the regular players for United in the absence of Nemanja Vidic and Chris Smalling for the majority of the season. He has made 18 appearances so far this campaign. There has been a lot of interest in the player from clubs in the United States and Middle East. Even if the player is offered a new contract, it is likely to be a one-year deal only.

“I don’t think Rio wants to leave and, as I have said before, he can play on. I don’t think he has the same issue with his back that he had a couple of years ago. It is manageable now. There is no way you would be expecting him to play every four days right through a season anyway. Getting rest at the right time definitely helps him and he does a lot of work on his pre-match preparation now,” said Ferguson. United have conceded a lot of goals this season due to the lack of a defensive partnership for Ferdinand.

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